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Exceptional CX Mastery Scale

Twimbit will be using its proprietary Exceptional CX Mastery Scale to determine the level of CX Mastery demonstrated by a company.

The company is just starting to recognize the importance of customer experience. Efforts to improve customer experiences are inconsistent or ad hoc. There are no formalized processes or strategies in place, and customer feedback is not systematically collected or used.
The company has some established practices for enhancing customer experience, but these are not consistently applied across all departments. Customer feedback is occasionally collected, but it's not always used effectively to drive improvements.
The company has a clear strategy for customer experience and it is implemented across the organization. A structured approach to gathering and leveraging customer feedback for continuous improvement is in place. The company is making use of CX technologies and has defined practices to address customer needs with a focus on resolution & satisfaction and delivering good consistent customer experience.
The company has a well-defined, holistic customer experience strategy that is embedded across the organization. Innovative technologies and predictive analytics are used to understand, anticipate, and cater to customer needs in innovative ways. The company's unwavering emphasis on customer centricity and continuous CX innovation ensures it consistently delivers a superior customer experience.
Exceptional (Mastery)
The company stands as a paramount leader in the realm of CX, driving relentless innovation, setting industry-defining standards, and consistently exceeding customer expectations. The company ventures into audacious and pioneering initiatives, delivering unreasonable levels of service that defy convention and aim to captivate customers. It fosters advocacy through its bold approach, creating moments of sheer delight and surprise that etch an indelible mark on the customer psyche. 
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