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Our Purpose - Deliver Exceptional CX

Welcome to the CX Premium, a quarterly newsletter that talks about CX in Insurance. The Insurance sector is going through a shift change in its business with newer distribution models, increased competition and tech disruption, and geopolitical uncertainties. The need for insurers to embrace innovation to drive efficiencies and meet the fast evolving expectations of the modern insurance customer is critical for growth and survival. 

Our purpose with the CX Premium newsletter is to build a community of CX insurance professionals with whom we can share ideas, learn best practices & case studies and connect over networking sessions to share our stories & challenges. Over the course of the next few quarters, Twimbit CX analysts will share their perspective on different CX trends, enabling you to bring CX innovations in your organisation and deliver exceptional CX. 

State of CX in Insurance 2024

In 2024, the insurance sector will continue to evolve rapidly, propelled by technological innovations, changing consumer expectations, evolving industry dynamics with the growing trend of embedded insurance, and managing geopolitical uncertainties.

Against this backdrop, understanding the importance of CX and the factors influencing it is imperative for insurers seeking to thrive in this dynamic environment. At Twimbit, we have collated the key CX trends that the Insurance industry needs to watch out for in 2024

Innovation for a more resilient future

Global insurer QBE was looking for a solution that would make it easier for customers to do business with it and allow it to scale more easily. As part of a transformation initiative to evolve its customer experience (CX) in the cloud, QBE migrated its global contact centers from Genesys PureConnect™ on-premises to the Genesys Cloud™ platform. Now, the insurer can deliver exceptional CX while also focusing on supporting its people.


Bytes & Brews

Join us for a unique and inspiring event, “Bytes & Brews,” where the worlds of technology, innovation, and meaningful connections merge seamlessly over coffee or craft brews. This event is designed to provide a refreshing twist to your traditional networking and learning experiences.



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