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  • What are the criteria for evaluating the nominations?
    Companies are evaluated on 4 CX Pillars – Digital, Service, Brand, and Employee Experience, as well as, the CX initiatives, investments, and improvements made over the last 12 months. Both qualitative and quantitative metrics are used to determine the CX rating for each CX pillar, and the overall CX rating. Analysts will research and benchmark the different criteria for each pillar and leverage the inputs provided in the evaluation form and during the research call.
  • How are the benchmarked organisations selected?
    Our analysts will conduct a thorough evaluation of all the organisations across 4 CX pillars and will review and rate multiple criteria and metrics in each pillar to determine a CX rating. As part of the research, analysts will schedule a call with the participating organisation to clarify and share their perspectives on the questions provided in the evaluation form. Organisations with the highest CX ratings across CX pillars, markets, and verticals will be shared and reviewed with the independent panel of judges who will provide their inputs from an industry perspective and vet the findings.
  • Who are the judges for the twimbit CX Stars Awards?
    We will be having an independent set of industry experts as jury members. These include vendors, BPOs, and CX practitioners, who have familiarity with the CX industry processes, practices, and platforms.
  • How do I know which category I am being nominated for?
    Unlike other award programs where you select and apply for an award category, the twimbit CX Stars Program is a research and benchmarking exercise on your CX practices, processes, and platforms and is measured via the 4 CX pillars. Based on your performance and rating on the CX pillars and metrics, you will be recognized under a single or multiple categories, if you are rated highly in a particular pillar, or in your industry, or in your country. Hence, companies do not need to “apply” for the award, but simply participate in the benchmarking process and get recognized for the good work that they do.
  • Is there a fee for submitting nominations?
    No, there is no fee for submitting your nomination. The entire benchmarking process, the digital plaque with your CX rating, your CX rating across the 4 pillars, and the resulting recognition in the form of CX Star awards are completely free of charge.
  • Will I be able to see my CX rating?
    Yes, all participating companies will get to see their CX rating across the 4 pillars as well as their overall CX rating out of 5 stars. Each nominee will also get a digital plaque with their CX rating, irrespective of whether they win a CX Star award. For a detailed & personalized benchmarking report that highlights how your company performed on different criteria and metrics vis-à-vis the industry and best-in-class companies, you can purchase the twimbit premium CX subscription for US$4,950.
  • What do I get by nominating my organisation?
    Organisations that receive 3 CX Stars and above will be eligible to the following benefits, 2 VIP passes for the Awards Gala Dinner twimbit coverage: Promotion of the awards ceremony on various social media and twimbit channels twimbit socials: Marketing and PR across social media channels, twimbit newsletters, etc. Digital and Physical Awards Plaque: An exquisite custom-designed plaque presented during the Awards Gala Dinner, along with a digital badge/plaque for you to share on your website and marketing collaterals Rights and Logos: Exclusive rights to use the twimbit CX stars awards logo on marketing collaterals, websites, and promotional materials, enhancing the brand and visibility in the market. If you have any specific PR/Marketing related needs, we are happy to have that conversation with you and create a customized program.
  • What is the deadline for submitting nominations and How does the nomination process work?
    The deadline for submitting nominations is 25th August 2023. It’s a simple 3-step process: Nomination Form – Provide Name, Company, Designation & Contact Details Evaluation Form – Submit a short questionnaire with your CX practices & metrics Booking a slot for a call with a twimbit analyst
  • How are the interview slots scheduled for the evaluation process?
    Interview slots are scheduled based on the availability of the CXOs from your organization. You can book the slot from the CX Stars website, OR write to us at with some time slot options, and based on your availability we will schedule a discussion.
  • What is the duration of the interview with the senior employee of the nominated organization?
    The interview duration will typically range from 45-60 minutes, allowing adequate time to cover all the aspects required for a thorough evaluation.
  • What happens if a nominated company is not able to participate in the interview process?
    Due to some unavoidable circumstances, if a nominated company is unable to participate in the interview process, their nomination may still be evaluated based on publicly available information.
  • How are the top benchmarked organisations announced?
    It will be officially announced during the twimbit CX Stars awards ceremony where the results will be unveiled. This is a platform for all the top organisations to gather under one roof and celebrate the achievements and success of these stalwarts from the industry.
  • Where will the award ceremony take place?
    The award ceremony will take place at a prestigious venue in Bangkok on the 11th of October, 2023. More details will be communicated to the attendees closer to the event date.
  • Can I sponsor the twimbit CX Stars Program?
    Yes. We are looking for select companies who want to partner with us to help establish a world-class CX benchmarking program. We are looking for partners who are keen to create that avenue and platform to inspire and build the next set of CX Stars to propel the industry forward. For more details related to sponsorship opportunities, kindly reach out to Please note that you cannot sponsor the program if you are a nominee.
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